A Netflix Film Review: Death Note


The long awaited Death Note adaptation by Netflix just premiered a few days ago. Watching the utterly horrendous approach of the film was a complete waste of time. When the trailer went up for Netflix’s own Death Note, that gut feeling like it would rip your nuts out entirely and ruining an hour or two of your life became disappointingly real. I was never wrong about how bad this adaptation would be and I could have at least trusted my instinct not to watch it, but no, I still went on watching because I love Death Note.

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When Dreams Do Come True: PlayStation Experience 2017 South East Asia


Going back last month, when Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) announced that PlayStation Experience, or otherwise known as PSX, is coming to Asia (in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) I was totally hyped! It gave me goosebumps and I said “this is it! PSX is coming to Asia at last!”

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SOON: psychtroll.com


I guess it is time for me to get a basic hosting package and a domain:


Since I already have set up my YouTube Channel

I will still use WordPress as my Content Management System application, since I’m not really a fan of Drupal or Joomla. I find WordPress as user-friendly CMS to make your website or blogsite, I highly recommend it if you are not that script-savvy or website designer that just wants to get an awesome theme and get started with it as soon as possible.

Moving forward, I am going to use 1&1 Internet’s web hosting package, since I am an employee there. xD 1 good thing if you are working in a web hosting company, you get a free hosting package and 1 domain name.


With my history with 1&1 Internet Ltd, I am a Technical Support Representative. This company is not outsourced by B.P.Os like ePERFORMAXX, Convergys, STREAM, Aegis, or any other B.P.O company. We work FOR 1&1, we are UNDER 1&1’s Flag, we are the MAIN 1&1 Tech Support that is based in the Philippines.

We Are A B . P . O Company!

So, if you are a customer of 1&1, you can email me in the Contact page if you want to get assisted with your issues or concerns with your hosting package. I can also personally assist you with WordPress issues or maintain your WordPress site with an affordable fee (which I will be disclosing once you ask me through email).

Your daily Gamer,Psych!

First Gameplay Montage – Modern Warfare 3


Most of you gamers know or played Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This game was released last 2011. This will be a video blogpost (through YouTube since I don’t have enough space in WordPress) about my gameplay through Modern Warfare 3 campaign, Act III – Dust to Dust.

I used Bandicam to record my games and Camtasia to render the video to upload it in  YouTube.

All thanks to @MelonieMac for the retweet of my first upload and my main inspiration of doing gameplay videos. <(*o*<) Be sure to follow her on Twitter!

Already uploading my 2nd and final montage of Act III – Dust to Dust 😀

Signing off,