When Dreams Do Come True: PlayStation Experience 2017 South East Asia


Going back last month, when Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) announced that PlayStation Experience, or otherwise known as PSX, is coming to Asia (in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) I was totally hyped! It gave me goosebumps and I said “this is it! PSX is coming to Asia at last!”

Of course the dream of attending Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has always been one of my life goals – or better say: attend international gaming events or conventions like Tokyo Game Show (TGS) and PAX Australia. So when Sony sent me an e-mail invitation, my head was filled with wonders and rainbows then asked myself “is this real?” then I slapped myself to feel if it’s actually real and it was! It was not a dream after all! You know the feeling when you’re given something you really desire? It’s like you want to shout “YES” with your lungs out?! That kind of feeling. So I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on August 4 and came home on August 6.


But before I continue, what is PlayStation Experience, you ask? In a nutshell, it’s an exclusive gaming convention for the PlayStation brand where hardcore PlayStation enthusiasts and gamers gather; and it’s also the place where you can play the latest demo builds of the upcoming PlayStation games. PSX events are usually held every December in the United States.

Having PSX here in Asia is not just a dream come true for me, but for die-hard PlayStation fans too. The PlayStation brand has always been strong in our continent than Microsoft’s Xbox – that is probably why we won’t get any Xbox conventions similar to PSX in Asia since in a business perspective it would be a waste of resources to hold an event in a region where your install base is low.

PlayStation Asia slowly built the hype by gradually announcing other games and famous game producers who will make an appearance at PSX 2017 South East Asia.

Housemarque’s Matterfall was announced, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT were also announced to be at the event, and even Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. While the event date was slowly closing in, I waited for one particular PlayStation exclusive. In my head, I was thinking that Sony would announce this game a day or two prior to the event.


When Sony revealed the minimap for PSX 2017 South East Asia, my expectations were shredded into bits by a lawnmower. Games making its way to the event have designated areas already and my hope of seeing Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was gobbled up. It made an appearance at E3, so logically, one will assume that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy would show up at the PSX 2017 South East Asia to bring in more hype. In the end, the standalone spin-off was nowhere to be found and I was drastically saddened.

It’s probably the only thing that disappointed me, nonetheless, PSX 2017 South East Asia was an overall blast! As what I reported over at Sirus Gaming, everyone gathered earlier than I expected and all of them were excited to enter KL Live Life Centre for PSX. Even I was filled with joy to see a lot of people lining up for biggest event in Asia.

Hi Ian!

When I slowly walked to the entrance, it welcomed me with the famous PlayStation button signage and pillars draped with different game banners. The event place was dim and dark filled with blue and white spotlights to showcase the brand’s color. Pillars designed with Knack II and Detroit: Become Human by the entrance door captivated and welcomed their attendees. Upon entering, booths were already filled with people lining up for games like Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Gran Turismo Sport, and Far Cry 5 at the first floor. While at the second floor, Detroit: Become Human and Dragonball FighterZ were also crowded.

While I was savoring the moment, I went up to the media area at the second floor where I was able to chill and witness the event slowly building its momentum. It was the happiest day of my life. I got to meet great people from great online outlets like Kenn Leandre from IGN Asia (formerly from IGN Asia), Nigel Yap from The Hyped Geek, and Kevin Tan from Hitech Century.

Hell yeah! Tsujimoto-san in the house!

Even if it was considered to be taxing to cover the whole event by yourself, it was still a surreal experience. The closed-media briefings were held at a residence hotel, the Fraser Place, across KL Live Life Centre. They were delightful and fun especially with the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite producers (Tomoaki Ayano and Kansuke Sakurai) and the lead designer of Final Fantasy XV, Wan Hazmer.

Monster Hunter’s Producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, showcased Monster Hunter World’s new gameplay mechanics and its seamless open-world setting. While with Kazunori Yamauchi, the Gran-Father of Gran Turismo, he went on with an amazing and well-organized presentation about Gran Tursimo Sport and how it can deliver a unique experience for racecar fans. I mean, dude, it is Yamauchi-san himself! He made Gran Turismo!

From Left to Right: Anton from FHM, GLOCO, Chad from Reimaru Files, Nadine from Rappler, Me

In between the media briefings, I had lunch with the Philippine media team: Nadine from Rappler, Chad from Reimaru Files, UnGeek peeps (Brian, Chris, and Robert), Anton from FHM, and finally the Philippines’ own version of PewDiePie – GLOCO. All of them geeky peeps are awesome.

But after the closed-door talk with the producers, I found myself back to KL Live Life Centre for PSX to finally play the games. While I didn’t have the time to play everything, at least I was able to get my hands on Detroit: Become Human, Far Cry 5, Knack II, No More Heroes VR, Matterfall, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. But one thing is for sure, I didn’t like Far Cry 5 that much. If you want to know why, you can read my full preview here. And the best game over at PSX 2017 South East Asia is no other than Detroit: Become Human – want to know what I think about the demo? Read it here.

Work, work, work.

At long last, PSX concluded at 10:00PM. I went back to the hotel and it was back to work, write all my previews and coverage for the event. PSX 2017 South East Asia ended successfully and I was overall stunned! I hope that PlayStation Asia will hold another PSX event next year.

Everyone was happy with PSX and it was certainly incredible. Even if Uncharted: The Lost Legacy didn’t make its appearance at the event, there were still a lot of amazing games (except you, Far Cry 5).

PSX 2017 South East Asia was a memorable event, one that I could never forget. It was a lifetime experience – a real PlayStation experience.

Yes I have a white mole!

P.S: I want to say thank you to PlayStation Asia for making this dream a reality. Amos, Marcus, Shayne, and especially Ian, thank you so much!

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More photos from PSX 2017 South East Asia:


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